Prison Governors

prison-governorsManaging prisons in a time of change provides the first systematic study of prison governors, a hidden and powerful, but much neglected, group of criminal justice practitioners. Its focus is on how they carry out their task, how that has changed over time and how their role has evolved.

Dr Shane Bryans of Panopticon Consulting explains how prison governors have changed under external pressures, and examines a number of the factors that have been influential in changing their working environment in particular the changing status of prisoners and the development of the concept of prisoners' rights, the increasing scrutiny by the press and politicians, and the introduction of risk management approaches.


Prisons and the Voluntary Sector

prisons-and-the-voluntary-sectorA bridge into the community describes a major initiative to engage the voluntary sector and wider community in the work of prisons, part of a general trend in Government policy. This work edited by Dr Shane Bryans of Panopticon Consulting (and two colleagues) and containing contributions by a range of informed commentators seeks to enable both parties to understand what is involved, the history of voluntary work in prisons - which dates back several hundred years - and how to set about devising a scheme or promoting an idea. It gives practical advice and points to the pitfalls and likely difficulties - and contains in an appendix a directory of existing voluntary organizations with experience of working in or alongside prisons.



Prisons and the Prisoner

prisons-and-the-prisonerAn introduction to the work of HM Prison Service, it provides an account of the work of Her Majesty's prison service in England and Wales for over two decades. The book, edited jointly by Dr Shane Bryans of Panopticon Consulting, covers such areas as the purpose of imprisonment, the history, structure and organisation of the Prison Service, the statistics on prisoners, people who work in prisons, and the future.





The Prison Governor

the-prison-governorTheory and Practice, written jointly by Dr Shane Bryans of Panopticon Consulting, has been described as 'without hesitation ... it is one of the most thorough books of its kind. It provides readers with an unparalleled glimpse of the world of the prison administrator and acquaints readers with the pressures, demands and challenges facing contemporary [prison] managers. Likewise, readers will find its language clear, concise and gender-neutral. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this text to those interested in correctional administration career. Likewise, for those teaching courses on corrections, this text will prove to be a valuable asset for comparative analysis between American and English practices'.


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