International bodies and courts have made clear that it is incumbent on governments to organise their prison systems in such a way as to ensure respect for the dignity of prisoners, regardless of financial or logistical difficulties the country may face. States are under a positive obligation to guarantee the protection of the rights of those detained at all times and without exception and the said guarantees cannot depend on the material resources available to state parties. This can be particularly challenging in some jurisdictions when the financial resources in society generally are limited.

Panopticon Consulting works with countries to support them in meeting their obligation to provide basic minimum conditions for prisoners. We use our extensive experience and knowledge of what has worked in other jurisdictions and projects to provide assessments, advice and support on the following key areas:

Panopticon Consulting has worked on improving basic prison conditions in prison systems in over 12 countries around the world, including: Uganda; Haiti; Palestine; Kyrgyzstan; Pakistan; Mongolia; Turkey and Libya.