The prison system in the Kyrgyz Republic holds around 10,000 prisoners in 17 prisons. The country carries the legacy of a penal colony model from the former Soviet Union, with a poor human rights record and numerous protests by prisoners over the years.


Panopticon Consulting is working with the UNODC and the EC in assisting the Kyrgyz Republic to make strategic and operational changes to the way in which it manages its prisons. We have advised the Krygyz government on the strategy development of the prison system, including developing and leading workshops on strategic planning and producing a draft strategic plan.


Workshops for prison staff have been facilitated on prison leadership and special needs groups in prison. These activities have contributed to building the management capacity of the Department of Execution of Penalties (GUIN). A training needs analysis was conducted and a training policy and curriculum produced. Following approval of the curriculum, eight trainer manuals were written for local trainers which enabled them to deliver a range of courses for prison staff.

enabled them to deliver a range of courses for prison staff.


In October 2013, Shane travelled to Kyrgyzstan to undertake a prison security audit on behalf of UNODC. The security audit focused on physical, procedural and dynamic aspects of security. The aim was to determine the likelihood of prison security problems and vulnerability to injury, escape, disruption or destruction of property in the prison system, due to inadequacy of policy, procedure, physical infrastructure and staff performance. Shane is currently working on drafting an outline for a national prison security framework and a detailed security audit checklist for Kyrgyzstan.