Pakistan has a federal system in which each of the provinces runs its own prisons. There are just over 75,000 prisoners in Pakistan, held in 91 prisons. UNODC is currently providing technical assistance to improve the management of the country’s prisons and treatment of prisoners, in line with United Nations standards and norms.

This technical assistance is focused on:

  • key legislative provisions relating to detention, imprisonment and the management of the prison system;
  • the administration of prisons;
  • staff conditions and training needs;
  • the treatment of prisoners and services provided in prisons;
  • the situation of five groups of prisoners with special needs; and
  • overcrowding in prisons, including a review of the parole and probation system.

Panopticon Consulting was appointed to act as the Prison Reform Legislative and Training Advisor. We conducted a detailed review of the current legislative framework (Prisons Act 18984 and Prison Rules 1975) and made an assessment of areas of non-compliance with international instruments and the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules. Following a number of workshops with officials in Pakistan, Panopticon Consulting produced a new set of 350 Prison Rules which were then adopted by provinces. We also completed a training review and assessment and produced a new training curriculum, as well as undertaking a number of prison assessments.