Strategic planning is a process which allows organisations to define the strategies necessary to grow or, in some cases, survive and prosper. Importantly, it is not a one-off exercise. Strategic planning is a continual process enabling managers to manage actively and create change within their organisations rather than merely react to their changing environment.

Panopticon Consulting uses a simple approach to strategic planning in the prison context. It provides participants with the tools to develop a strategic plan for the prison system as a whole, for specific types of prisons, or for individual prisons. We help senior managers focus on a series of four basic questions:
Panopticon Consulting works with senior prison staff and stakeholders to: assess the prison system’s (or individual’s) current strengths and weaknesses; develop a vision, goals and objectives; produce an action plan to ensure that goals and objectives can be met; formulate cost projections by year for each major area; and ensure that the strategic plan supports central planning processes.
Through our work in various countries, Panopticon Consulting has seen the benefits of strategic planning include: clarifying and/or resolving issues or problems facing prison managers; providing a catalyst for change; providing clear direction for all staff; facilitating decision-making; helping bring prison managers recognition for their ideas; improving the lines of communication among management levels and the rest of the prison system or prison; providing the foundation for allocation and reallocation of resources; aligning a prison system’s (or prison’s) activities with its external environment and resource capabilities.

Panopticon Consulting has run Strategic Planning workshops, and assisted with drafting strategic plans, in: Libya; Turkey; Palestine; and Kyrgyzstan.